Closing Logo Group

(July 16, 1999)[]


Logo: We see on a blue sky background a desert-like grass and a mountain, all which are covered in cerulean colors. A rapid red line/filmstrip appears from the blue sky, and the mountain appears to have some unintelligible letters. The filmstrip then comes into an transparent "L", which has a flat rectangle over it. The filmstrip then passes over the L, and the flat rectangle, which now they display "MOVIES", on a red background superceeding it at the bottom. The filmstrip moving, now the "S", by being stranded over the L, and then the text "MOVIES" zooms in to the viewer with a massive amount of trails, leaving a white background. The same "LS" from before, but with a drawing touch, appears over the white background, but the text "MOVIES" is on gray-white, with the "OVIE" part being white. The red line on the bottom appears too, then a message appears in Tamil.

FX/SFX: Everything on this logo, with every single detail being on this incarnation, with the text "MOVIES" zooming in to take the drawing touch of the "LS" and the "MOVIES". All made and done in good CGI.

Music/Sounds: An explosion, zap and a whoosh, which transfers into a triumphant, villain-ish fanfare. The fanfare then becomes louder when it's near the end of the logo, now accompanying it with some synthed "maracas" on it.

Availability: This was only seen on Suyamvaram.

Editor's Note: None.