Closing Logo Group

(Early 1990s)[]


Nicknames: "Double Logo Theft", "Three Logos In One", "Cheesy Sunrise Emblem", "Space Emblem"

Logo: We see the part from the 2nd Image Entertainment logo where the laser travels around the layer of the Laserdisc. Suddenly, a logo consisting of a yellow, red and blue emblem of a sunrise above an ocean, and two purple Chinese characters "光" and "栄" (Hanja form of "Kwang Young") to the left and right of the emblem respectively, "zooms" in slowly (the "zoom" on the logo is actually the logo growing for 6 frames, moving sideways in the attempt). Once the logo stops zooming, the Image Entertainment background changes to the 1st half of the 1980 Orion Pictures logo, where the stars appear and form the "O". Yellow scrolling Korean text also appears below the logo, reading "광영물산" (Kwang Young Corporation). The Korean text then stops scrolling.

FX/SFX: The backgrounds of the other logos being played, the logo "zooming" in, the scrolling text.

Music/Sounds: The tail end of the Image Entertainment logo.

Availability: Appeared on early 1990s tapes by the company.

Editor's Note: The logo is notorious for plagiarism of two logos, and poor computer animation, it is also rumored to be a subsidiary of the obscure video distributor from the same country, Home Game, because of the similar animation layout from both logos, although this is not confirmed (and probably never will, since there's little to no information from both companies).