Closing Logo Group

1st Logo (1989-2004)[]


Крупный План (1.1) (White text) (50fps)


Крупный План (1.2) (Purple text, different font) (50fps)

Logo: We see the contents of gold globe crossed by three longitude and latitude lines against the black background. They zoom out and form a globe. Then a gold filmstrip comes and reflects below. The reflected part gains three colored stripes, while original part have only seven sprockets. The logo casts a reflection. After all, words appear above, saying "ВТПО "КИНОЦЕНТР" СК СССР" (a sign of USSR association) in the sans-serif font and below comes the name: "КИНОВИДЕООБЬЕДИНЕНИЕ (also in the sans-serif font) КРУПНЫЙ ПЛАН(in the corporate blocky font)". The entire logo zooms out and plasters on a goldVHS tape, like the sticker would do, against the black background with the blue/redgradient floor at the bottom, with "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" standing on the floor below the VHS, casting a shadow, in the bold sans-serif font colored white and outlined in black. 

FX/SFX: All effects suitable for early 90's.

Variant: A extended variant exists where the name is in a different font.

Music/Sounds: A synth-pop theme from the late Soviet years.

Availability: Pops up on Russian VHS tapes. The USSR mastering sign probably indicates that the logo was used since the company's start.

2nd Logo (1997-2002)[]


Крупный План (2)

Logo: We see the same contents of the globe, but this time in dodger blue and with glass texture, flying in and forming the same globe, but when it almost formed, it turns gold with metallic texture. Then the same gold filmstrip, with five holes embossed in instead of seven holes cot-out, comes and reflects below in the same manner, but smoothly animated, with reflected part having three ditches instead of being solid. While it happens, the globe shines from top to the bottom and turning it back to Dodger blue with glass texture, but with gold outline on it. Holes on the filmstrip sparkle and becoming cot-out and the reflected part regains three colors in each ditches from the bottom to the top, while the letters in the company name "КРУПНЫЙ ПЛАН" in the same corporate blocky font fly in from the bottom and compresses them into the normal form. Everything casts a reflection while happening. Now the logo is similar to the previous logo, but made more accurately in gold, the globe itself is Dodger blue and the company name is stacked. The logo begins to zoom out to reveal that appears as the sticker on the VHS tape, the VHS tape tilts upwards to 90° and puts it in the VCR, against black background with the crimson glow in the center, then the word "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" in the typewriter font fades in on the spine of the VHS.

FX/SFX: All the animation. Very good CGI

Music/Sounds: A triumphant fanfare, with quickly-ascending and descending harp notes in timing with filmstrip holes shining.

Availability: Extremely rare on Russian VHS tapes and DVDs.

3rd Logo (1998-2002)[]

Krupnyj Plan DVD Soyuzmultfilm Logo

Logo: On a black-dark blue gradient background, the warning screen fades in (sometimes along with background). It stays for varied time and fades into the following logos and names of companies above:

  • Soyuzmultfilm (on Soyuzmultfilm releases): We see a gold circle with circled words "СОЮЗМУЛЬТФИЛЬМ" in it. In the center, there is Cheburashka, and below him, we see a dot.
  • Krupny Plan: Logo as seen on 2nd logo.


  • Sometimes the Soyuzmultfilm or Krupny Plan logo should stay without logos the logo below/above.
  • Sometimes, the Soyuzmultfilm-only variant should have name not in all-caps.

FX/SFX: Fading from warning screen.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on Krupny Plan's cartoon DVD releases from the period.

4th Logo (1999-2009)[]


Logo: We can see an old film projector surrounded by a bright light. It runs the tape, and it's briefly visible that every frame bears the KP mark. The tape immediately turns into DVD (means the restored VHS to DVD) with the logo on it, and the same logo from before, but with "DV СТУДИЯ" on top of the original filmstrip part, rises up.The background shines.

FX/SFX: The letters form, and some background shining, simple effects used.

Music/Sounds: A separated clapping sounds of some musical instrument, having different soundtrack at the end.

Availability: Seen on DVD's. Not available outside former USSR.

5th Logo (2011-Present)[]

Krupnyj Plan (2012)

Krupny Plan (2010)

Nickname: "Gem Rays"

Logo: In a star field, the central star suddenly shines brighter and a beam of light shoots out of nowhere, which comes through the prism hanging in space. The light refracts into rainbow shine. The rainbow goes forward and hits the line of tiny diamond tetrahedrons, sending them into flight. The diamonds fly over the rainbow shine and regain three colors: blue, red and green. Then the giant gold logo (same as 2nd logo) appears behind and gems fill three ditches on the left side, becoming color lines. The logo then zooms out to be seen completely.

FX/SFX: All animation in high quality, especially with every detail seen on Blu-ray.

Music/Sounds: A mellow fanfare, accompanied by sound effects corresponding to the animation (i.e. zaps for a light beam, and a crystallized shimmer for diamonds).

Availability: Seen on latest DVD and Blu-ray releases in Russia.