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Background: Krasny Kvadrat (literally Red Square - 'square' with the meaning of 'geometric shape', presumably named after Malevich's painting) is a full-scale television company created on July 24, 2007 as a successor to VID out of VID's subsidiary Katapulta Production by VID's CEO Larisa Sinelschikova, also wife of Konstantin Ernst, the director of the First Channel. The name was given by a program produced by VID in early 90s. It produces some of the most popular programs of this channel, such as national versions of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (since December 27, 2008),Intercities, Survivor and the popular Russian news-comedy show Projectorparishilton (along with inner studios Orange, Green, K.K.Kino and others). This company was the main presenter of Eurovision 2009 in Moscow.

1st Logo (July 24, 2007-)[]

Logo: On a white background a small red square appears. A second later it disintegrates into a hundred of tiny

squares flying to the opposite direction. The squares form a rough square outline with "КРАСНЫЙ КВАДРАТ" (Red


Красный квадрат (Первый канал, 23.08.2008) Заставка

Square) written at the right. The outline and the company name fly away and the word "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" (presents) is forming.

FX/SFX: The square disintegrating, the tiny squares flying, the outline moving. Pretty nice for 2d animation.

Music/Sounds: A nice calm theme consisting of a synthesized choir ending with the ding, with the announcer saying "Красный квадрат представляет". Sometimes there are no announcer.

Announcer Variants: The announcer is the host of the following program. (Dmitry Dibrov before WWTBAM, Vera Brezhneva before "The Power of 10", Alexander Tsekalo before "Fame Minute" (Russia Got Talent), Dmitry Shepelev before "Can you sing? - Do it!").

Availability: Extinct, seen before Smak.

Scare Factor: Low.

2nd Logo (2009-2013)[]

Logo: On the retro gray (sunset-blue on airings of WWTBAM) background, a red square builds in. Under it is a company name fading in. The square dissapears, and the word "ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТ" (in red) forms in


Заставка "Красный квадрат" (10.05.2009 - 20.07.2013) Intro

FX/SFX: The building of the square.

Variants: There is a variant on programs produced with First Channel where the First Channel logo forms before everything.

Music/Sounds: Same as before. On WWTBAM, there is a soft announcer saying "Красный квадрат, представляет!" (Red Square, presents!).

Availability: Common on Russian TV programs,very extinct on programs by First Channel

Scare Factor: Low.

3rd Logo (2013-)[]



Заставка Красный квадрат (02.09.2013 - н.в.) Intro

FX/SFX:The logo appearing.

Music/Sounds:A dramatic theme.


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