Closing Logo Group

Background: Kinofilm was founded in 1996 by Russian immigrant Mikhail Shindel, a former producer at Acme Filmworks. In 1997, the studio was contracted to produce Cartoon Network's original series Mike, Lu & Og. The studio is still open, producing animated commercials and music videos.

(November 6, 1998-May 27, 2001)

Logo: On a black screen, we see the words "Kino" and "Film" in an 8-squared box, changing into many various different objects shaped like the letter on its square, it then turns into the rather plain text "KINO FILM" with one of the letters in the name on one of the 8 squares.

Variant: On the pilot for Mike, Lu & Og, a small copyright notice appears under the logo on the right.

FX/SFX: The logo forms from various objects through multiple quick-cuts.

Music/Sounds: On Mike, Lu & Og's first season, the theme song's closing plays. On the second season, a character from the show sings a song.

Availability: Seen whenever Boomerang airs Mike, Lu & Og. First seen on the show's pilot short "Crash Lancelot", which aired on The What a Cartoon! Show.

Editor's Note:This logo bears a strong resemblance to theKlasky-CsupoGraffiti logo, causing some to believe it's a rip-off. Also, the animation for Mike, Lu & Og bears a strong resemblance to the Klasky-Csupo shows' animation.