Closing Logo Group

(August 29, 1988-August 15, 1990)[]

Logo: On a light purple/pink background, the silver text "Kids Edutainment" scrolls to the left side of the screen. When it is fully off screen, a silver bar with the word "Video" on the far right of the bar in white, scrolls on screen. The bar zooms out and the "Kids Edutainment" from earlier, but stacked, rises from behind the bar.

Variant: Originally, the logo was on a black background, and positioned at a lower point.

FX/SFX: The scrolling.

Music/Sounds: An echoing set of strings with a 4-note trumpet tune when the bar is seen and zooms out; this is actually a low-pitched version of an APM Music track, "Setting Sail" composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the original 1988 VHS of The Backyard Show, the music is a toy piano playing the first three notes of "I Love You" (Barney's favorite song). This was also used over The Lyons Group logo at the end of the episode, with Sandy Duncan singing "Love you!"

Availability: Can be found on 1988-90 videos of Barney & The Backyard Gang. The black background variant can be found on A Day at the Beach, the 1989 re-release of The Backyard Show, and Three Wishes, although a few prints of this video use the purple background version.

Editor's Note: The whole logo looks like it was made on the cheap. Also, the bar appears to be off center and the text is not round. And not to mention, the logo also shifts upwards after the first few seconds!