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Founded in 1949 as Central Film Archives of the Yugoslav Film Library, this national film archive changed its name to Jugoslovenska Kinoteka in 1952 to preserve the legacy of the Yugoslavian film industry (though they claim that only the 15% of their collection is of Yugoslavian or Serbian origin). Even with the political changes in the Balcanic zone, it hasn't changed its name and it's still completely operative, though the same organization specifies they work is nowadays limited to the Serbian Republic.



Logo: On a black background and inside an oval we see what looks like a drawn representation of one of those 18th century magic lanterns, considered as an ancestor to cinema projectors. Surrounding it, in partial Cyrillic, there are the words "JUGOSLOVENSKA" (above the drawing) and "KINOTEKA" (below the drawing). In the bottom of the screen, out of the oval, the word "PRIKAZUJE" (PRESENTS) can be read. On one movie, a Romanized version can be seen.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: It appears on reprints of old Serbian films such as Са вером у Бога and Klakson.