Closing Logo Group

Background: Jimi Film Co., Ltd. (주식회사지미필림) was a Korean film production and distribution enterprise.



Logo: A murky background made up of orange and yellow tones fade into view; the large golden letters "JF" are superimposed onto it. Below is the text: 주식회사지미필림제작배급 ("produced and distributed by Jimi Film Co., Ltd."). The golden letters flash, and then the scene fades out.

Trivia: The large golden letters "JF" stands for "Jimi Film".

FX/SFX: The golden letters flashing.

Music/Sounds: Some quiet brass notes with an arpeggiating synth, while a loud wind sound plays. Later, a bombastic synth theme plays.

Availability: May be seen preceding the 1986 film Ticket, directed by Im Kwon-taek.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The huge letters and music are pretty unnerving, otherwise it's harmless.