Closing Logo Group

Background: JW Productions is the second production company of the late producer Jerry Weintraub.

(February 14, 1997- )

Logo: It begins with old black & white footage of a movie set, complete with cast and crew, camera and boom. The camera eases in slowly, then a black background with an etching of "JW" with the letters conjoined, and "PRODUCTIONS" fades in. Then Jerry Weintraub's signature, in red, fades in, in front of the "JW". As it does this, "PRODUCTIONS" turns white.


  • On the Ocean's trilogy and The Karate Kid (2010), the movie set footage is sepia-toned.
  • A still version appears on the pilot episode of Westworld.

FX/SFX: Live footage, along with the fading in of the logo and Mr. Weintraub's signature.

Music/Sounds: It begins with some violins, then it goes into a lush horn piece. Throughout the logo and the music, it begins with people talking, then as the logo fades in, a bell rings, then a sound of a clapboard and then the director says "Action!" when the signature fades in. It was silent on the Ocean's trilogy and on The Karate Kid, the closing theme of the film was used.

Availability: Seen on films produced by JW Productions. Notable films include Vegas Vacation, Soldier, The Avengers (1998), the Ocean's series (excluding Ocean's 8), and The Karate Kid (2010). Despite being shown in the promotional materials for Nancy Drew and The Legend of Tarzan, this logo isn't in the actual movies at all.