Closing Logo Group

Psycho (1998): The drop of water is replaced with a drop of blood. After the blood drops into the water, the color scheme suddenly switched to grayscaled for the rest of the logo.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000): Before "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in, snowflakes start to fall. After the logo fades, the snowflakes remain, but the black background turns into a dark blue sky to the opening credits.

The Cat in the Hat (2003): The background is blue and we see Fish in a Dish swimming. The words are the colors from the Cat's hat in a custom font for the film, which is the same for it's Universal and DreamWorks SKG logos.

Curious George (2006): The logo is darker than usual, when it gets done, we see Curious George's hand touching the logo from the middle. The text "IMAGINE" waves a little and the black background changes into blue cartoon water to start the film.

The Da Vinci Code (2006): After the logo gets done, a blue searchlight lights up the logo and the camera pans to the right.

Angels & Demons (2009): After the logo gets done, the text "IMAGINE" shines.

American Made (2017):

  • At the beginning, after we see some 80's footage it cuts to this logo in progress in a VHS restoration effect. When the water ripples, it flickers to the "PRESENTS" version of the 1980's logo. The logo cuts to footage after the sparkling of the "G" in "IMAGINE".
  • At the end. unusually for the rest of the logo combo, the normal version plays in complete silence.