Closing Logo Group
Background: This was a video division of the largest Polish media conglomerate Grupa ITI, founded in 1984. In 2006 it was renamed TVN after the commercial television network, in which ITI purchased a majority stake.

1st Logo (1984-1991)

Logo: On a black background, the letters "ITI" (both I's are colored white, and the T is orange), in lower-case form, italicized and in a stripe-made futuristic font drop down and "HOME VIDEO" flips up next to them in a plain font.
FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Animation is very limited.
Music/Sounds: Three quick "whoosh" sounds, then a gong crash.
Availability: Seen on VHS tapes from Poland, mostly CIC Video and RCA-Columbia releases (IIRC, Poland used SECAM at the time).
Scare Factor: Medium to high due to the fast animation and the creepy sound effects.

2nd Logo (1991-2001)

Nickname: "ITI in Space" 
Logo: The same logo from before, but animation is different. Here, against a space background, the logo zooms out, going through the T (which is red this time), with the logo on its side, then, turning counter-clockwise until it positions itself, and "HOME VIDEO" appears via a series of lasers. When it's done, it goes to the warning screen.
Variant: Later version has the name below the logo in italics.
FX/SFX: Much better animation than the previous logo, though it still feels dated.
Music/Sounds: A droning synthesizer tune with laser zaps.
Availability: Seen on '90s VHS releases and early DVD's from ITI. Was seen on the DVD of Mlode Wilki 2.
Scare Factor: Medium; while still creepy due to the music, the animation is much better.

3rd Logo (2001-2004)

Logo:  On a dark blue background, transparent copies of the ITI logo zoom out, rotate and merge together into one. The logo emits small rays for a second, while "CINEMA" below is formed by light/dissolving effects, and "GRUPA ITI", below "CINEMA", appears via "blur" effect.
FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor:  Animation is still cheap.
Music/Sounds:  A series of whooshing and bang sounds.
Availability:  Near extinction. Seen on VCDs and DVDs by ITI at the time. It was seen on Magicna Gwiazda.
Scare Factor:  Low.

4th Logo (2004-2006)

Logo:  On a white background, multiple gray particles and one yellow arrow fly around, forming the new Grupa ITI shield logo, followed with "home video". A shadowy DVD moves past in process.
FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Much better animation this time.
Music/Sounds:  Synth fanfare.
Availability:  Was seen on Polish DVD's.
Scare Factor:  Low.