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iQue is a Suzhou-based company that was founded as a joint venture between Dr. Wei Yen and Nintendo back in 2002. It is known for releasing Nintendo's portable consoles, as well as the iQue Player (a device that could play Chinese ports of Nintendo 64 games), to the Chinese market. Nintendo released these under the iQue brand to bypass China's video game ban at the time. As of 2013, it is a fully-owned subsidiary of Nintendo.


IQue (From iQue DS Lite trailer)

See the version with the voice here:

Logo: The iQue logo (The text "iQue" written in a font that resembles Times New Roman) is shown inside of a metallic blue circle with a silver outline surronding the circle, the logo is revealed with an iris in, but appears to be surrounded by a gold halo and is moving like rippling water, It eventually stops moving and stands still as the halo fades, the end result is a metallic-looking iQue logo which is still in the circle, all of this takes place on a black background.

FX/SFX: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A sparkling sound, follow by a quiet bang and a synth/violin note when the end result is shown.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the trailer for the iQue DS Lite, a female voice says "iQue" just before the end result is shown.

Availability: Near extinction. Only seen on the trailers for the iQue GBA SP, PictoChat for the iQue DS, and the iQue DS Lite.