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IDT Entertainment was the film, home entertainment and television division of IDT Corporation (a telecommunications company based in New Jersey). It was formed in 2003 when IDT acquired Film Roman, later on in the year, it acquired Anchor Bay Entertainment, owned DPS, and stakes in Mainframe Entertainment and Vanguard Animation, and also acquired DKP Studios and turned it into their own animation studio. IDT Entertainment would acquire Manga Entertainment in 2004, making Manga an Anchor Bay label. In 2006, IDT sold IDT Entertainment and its assets to Liberty Media, who merged IDT Entertainment and its divisions with the Starz cable network (now part of Lionsgate) to form Starz Media (now Starz Distribution).

1st Logo (March 4, 2004-November 12, 2006)[]

IDT Entertainment (2000s)

Nickname: "IDT Flames", "The Double-Arch"

Logo: On a black background, there are the words "IDT" in sapphire blue with an arch in the same color fading in. There is a flame flying from the right forming "ENTERTAINMENT" in silver, with another flame branching off and forming a silver arch underneath the sapphire blue arch.

Variant: At the end of the TV series Masters of Horror, the logo is still and just fades in and out.


Music/Sounds: None, the opening/end title theme from any movie or the sounds of fire and wind.

Availability: Seen on Me, Eloise on DVD, the first season of Masters of Horror and films that IDT Entertainment originally produced from the period; current prints plaster it with either the Starz Media logo or the Starz Digital logo. It also makes an odd appearance on the 2006 Anchor Bay UK release of The Secret Garden.

2nd Logo (July 29-December 4, 2006)[]


Logo: A scrolling filmstrip with frames of a scene from Everyone's Hero, where Yankee Irving (voiced by Jake T. Austin) is conversing with the talking baseball, Screwie (voiced by Rob Reiner), moves up from the bottom of the screen on a black-gray gradient background (a la the 3rd Marvel Productions logo), revealing the metallic text "IDT" in a wide futuristic font. When the end of the filmstrip reaches the top-left corner of the I, a silver filmstrip design appears and the filmstrip turns transparent and glows ghostly. When the filmstrip is out of view, a bright flash appears, causing the streaked square to appear behind the filmstrip design, the background to gain shimmering streaks and the whole logo to shine, then a metallic rectangular banner with "E N T E R T A I N M E N T" fades in below.

FX/SFX: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A majestic trumpet/string fanfare, composed by John Debney.

Music/Sounds Variant: The movie's recording sessions have alternate versions of the music.

Availability: Only appears on Everyone's Hero. This logo was used by IDT Entertainment Animation.

3rd Logo (August 21, 2006-January 29, 2007)[]

Nicknames: "IDT Lights", "Silhouettes", "IDT Family"

Logo: On a dark blue background, there is a box outlined in light yellow. Inside it is the giant word "IDT" (in a shrinking size toward the right) in solid blue lettering surrounded by light yellow lights and dark blue silhouettes of a family below the letters. Below the box is the word "ENTERTAINMENT" in a stretched font.

Variant: On Me, Eloise, the logo is on a white background. Also, "ENTERTAINMENT" is dark blue and the silhouettes of the family are black.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: The regular version was only seen on the first nine episodes, episodes 11 and 16 (the 10th and 12th episodes in production order) of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! when it was aired on Noggin (now Nick Jr.); most current and international prints replace it with either the Starz Media logo or the Starz Digital logo. The white BG version was seen on Me, Eloise.