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Hollywood-Far East Productions, Inc. (1959-1966)

WARNING: Do not watch the shaky parts (at 0:03 and 0:20) if you are prone to epilepsy.

Nicknames: ''Very Old!'', "Hollywood-Far East of Doom", "Edward Small's More Professional and Less Damaged Young Filipino Brother"

Logo: On a cloudy background, we see a movie camera between the Earth globes (the 1st one has a building, and the 2nd one has a map of the Philippines with a palm on Quezon). Below them we see a ribbon with "HOLLYWOOD-FAR EAST PRODUCTIONS INC.". The logo shakes after we fade in. The logo stands still until we fade into black.

Variant: On some prints, the logo suddenly shakes.

FX/SFX: None. Unless you count the shaky parts on someone's film print.

Cheesy Factor: Off the charts. Whoever bought the film that the logo in the embedded video was sourced from stunk at preserving it, as this is over 60 years old. The logo seems too tacky, because some of the effects in the still picture are too big for the logo itself, although it was very professional and way better than Edward Small Productions.

Music/Sounds: A happy-sounding bombastic fanfare. It could be extremely damaged on some prints.

Availability: Extinct. Can be seen on some movies released from 1959 to 1966, such as Markado.

Scare Factor: Low to high.