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Hing Fat
Screenshot 2019-09-28-23-13-45-1

Logo: On a gray background, we see a curved square with a rope with weird lining. Superimposing it is a sparklish-like black curved square with the text on the company on chinese, and the text, which undeniably is it's traduction, "HING FAT FILM CO." On the right side of the screen we see a very modeled film camera silhouette. We then for a few seconds later, fade to black.

  • A color version also exists, but only the black sparklish-like square is colored (red).
    Bandicam 2019-12-06 20-10-44-853

FX/SFX: None, unless you count the fades. Right now, it's a still logo.

Cheesy Factor: On the black and white version, the camera is barely seen. Also, the chinese characters are stacked from lowest to highest.

Music/Sounds: A theme made by trumpets, following a drum and another theme made by trumpets, following the last note being held and a loud crash.

  • A color version accidentally had a series of 4 posh-tuning notes at the end of the logo.

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor:

  • Medium to high for the black and white version. The darkness of the logo, along with the bombastic nature of the music may shiver everyone's bones, especially for those who used to it.
  • Medium for the color version, some may not like the red color scheme of the logo, but otherwise they did a harmless thing.