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Background: HiT Home Entertainment (previously Hit Video) is the home media unit of HiT Entertainment. Currently, the company's releases in the United States are distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

HiT Video[]


Trivia: This logo is exclusive to the UK.

Nickname: "The Red Fireworks"

Logo: This is the same as the 4th HiT Entertainment logo, but the ribbon is colored completely red, the explosion turns heavier and red as well, several gold stars are among the small ribbons and fireworks that come out of the spinning tunnel, the words "ENTERTAINMENT PLC" are replaced by "VIDEO" and the globe is replaced by a gold star. Also, the HiT logo is in red instead of light blue. There are also three gold stars on the "T" and the small other one to the right. The star in the hole shines slightly and the small one next to the "T" glows.


  • A shorter version exists, this was mainly used between promos.
  • At the end of Kipper: "Christmas Eve", the URL "" fades in at the top of the logo

FX/SFX: Same as the 1997 HiT Entertainment logo.

Music/Sounds: The fanfare from the 4th HiT Entertainment logo.

Availability: The long version is seen on some early VHS releases by HiT Entertainment from the time frame. DVDs and the later VHS releases use the Hit Entertainment logo that this logo was based on.

Editor's Note: None.

HiT Home Entertainment[]


Nicknames: "2000s HiT Globe"

Logo: Same as the HiT Entertainment logo from the era, but "HOME" is sandwiched next to "ENTERTAINMENT", making the font for "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" different.

Variants: A still version of the logo exists.

FX/SFX: The glow surrounding the globe, or none.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Can be seen on Hit Entertainment VHS releases and DVD's that were distributed by Lyrick Studios such as Bob the Builder: "To the Rescue". This logo plasters the normal Hit Entertainment logo on tapes like Bob the Builder: "Can We Fix it?"

Editor's Note: None.

Final Note: Current releases from the company will likely either have the 2013 version of the 2012 Universal Studios Home Entertainment logo and/or the 2000 or the 2006 HiT Entertainment logo.