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Background: Han Lip Industrial Co., Ltd. (한립물산주식회사) seems to have been a short-lived Korean film company.



Nickname: "The South Korean RKO"

Logo: A telecommunications tower on top of a hill may be seen; the words "HAN LIP" in a slight arc are set in front of it. At the bottom of the screen, a sort of mist or cloud cover is visible, moving towards the right. The words:

한립물산주식회사 제작배급

("produced and distributed by Han Lip Industrial Co., Ltd.") move closer to the screen from the direction of the tower. Following this, the top of the tower begins to emit lightning-like rays, and a warning beacon lights up at regular intervals. Two stars in the night sky backdrop occasionally flash; the scene then fades out.

FX/SFX: The name of the company moves toward the screen, the stars in the background flash, as does the warning beacon on top of the tower. The tower emits visible "signals", and the fog on the bottom of the screen moves.

Music/Sounds: A slow fanfare.

Availability: The only known film produced by Han Lip is director Kim Ki-young's 1972 horror/drama Insect Woman (충녀, Chungnyeo).

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