Closing Logo Group

1st Logo


  • On a dark blue background, a hexagon-formed "G" with a square underneath it zooms in downward, a la RKO's 1981 logo, leaving behind a residue trail. When it gets to the center, the "G" and the square turn from solid to segmented, and a line draws what looks like a TV tube, surrounding it. Both parts of the logo zoom in, and we quickly fade to the same logo, only smaller, and with:
    (in Helvetica) underneath.
  • Closing: The logo is still, with the text saying:
    video is alive -
    live with it

FX/SFX: Early computer graphics.

Music/Sounds: A twinkling synth-xylophone/flute/clarinet tune. None for the closing version.

Availability: On UK tapes of Guild releases from that era, including Baron Blood, Scanners, and Assault in Paradise.

2nd Logo

Screenshot 2015-11-12-16-52-29

Logo: In the top-left corner of a black background, we see a bright light flashing before our eyes. The light reveals the same "G Over Square" logo, but colored cerulean. Again, the TV tube is drawn around the logo, but underneath, a light draws a teal/dark pink line that starts downward, then upward, and then straight. When the line is finished, another lights reveals the words "Guild Home Video" above the line, and below it, another reveals "Quality Video Entertainment". The logo then sparkles a bit. 

Variant: A variant seen at the end of tapes starts with the name flashing in.

FX/SFX: Early graphics.

Music/Sounds: A synth tune in the beginning, then a synth-orchestra tune at the end.

Voiceover Variant: On some releases with a preview, a male announcer (also heard in their trailers) says "Before you enjoy the main feature, here's a trailer from another new release from Guild, which is available at your local stockist now." When he finishes, the ending of the music plays.

Availability: Hard to find. Check an old VHS or Beta PAL tape for this logo. An example is the UK pre-cert release of Cujo. It is also seen on the very first British VHS editions of Thomas & Friends (series 1). Some prints use the Central Video logo.

3rd Logo

Screenshot 2015-11-17-17-06-14 (9)

Nickname: "Go Guild!" 

Logo: Same as the Guild Film Distributors logo, but with "Home Video" in place of "Film Distributors".

FX/SFX/Music/Sounds: Same as the theatrical logo.

Availability: Rare. It was used for only six years. Appears on releases such as Roses are For the Rich and Action Jackson.

4th Logo

Screenshot 2015-11-17-17-06-14 (7)

Logo: Set on a white background, many of the rectangular parts of the Guild "G" fly in all directions. When two parts of the G meet in the middle later on, it zooms out, and extra rectangles that make the stem of the "G" fly in. "GUILD Home Video" fades in below. 

FX/SFX: 2D graphics.

Music/Sounds: An upbeat synthesizer tune that sounds very modern.

Music/Sounds Variant: Rental copies of The Wizard have the logo music starting before the logo actually appears, due to a synchronization/video processing error.

Availability: More recent and easier to find than the previous logos, but still hard to find. Seen on the 4Front Video re-release of First Blood, and the original rental releases of The Wizard and Total Recall.

Final Note: Beginning in 1993, the Guild "Chair" logo was used as a defacto home video logo.