Closing Logo Group


Logo: On a white background, we see a yellow square/rhombus spinning/rotating, from which then transfers into a blue one. Many squares (red, yellow, blue and black)start splitting from the blue square, to form what it seems to be a blurry text. The blurry text then gets very modified by 4 scenes, and when it's done, we see the text "ivex" at the same font as Filmax's, with the i being red, the v and e being yellow and the x being blue, so there the text "GRUPO" at the top, and "FILMS S.A." at the bottom, all in black, would appear in order. The logo then shines which the black text would disappear and the "ivex" text would morph into a rainbow-ified square, at the same colors of said text, with the text "presenta" in white would appear. We then fade to black.

FX/SFX: Typical 2D graphics, an absolute obvious product of the 80's...

Cheesy Factor: Which on their details are very choppy, There's no reason for the squares and the giant square also, and the music. This is a very fast animation..

Music/Sounds: It sounds like an opening to a cartoon. But otherwise is a catchy synth theme which begins softly, and then transfers into a techno theme when the big square appears. Synth trumpets playing Spanish traditional music are heard through the music.

Availability: Extinct, Go to Spain and check your PAL tapes PERIOD!

Scare Factor: Low to high, The choppy animation, along with the sudden things, the techno music and overall extinction of this logo would be a ruined feast for some, disjointing their brains, but this is lower for those who like the music.