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Grazing Goat Pictures Pvt Ltd Is an India Film and TV House Launch in 2011

(January 1, 2011)[]

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Logo: we See a Wall Inside The Room, a human's arm wearing a red short shirt and a Hand Moves a special Machine and Moves with Fingers crossed with Pink-white Fingernails, we Start of the Filmreels Flies and Spins out, The Camera Approach to The white Redesigned Wheels well The Light On the Film reel and Redesigned Wheel. No one is Wheel Brown With Stick, The Goat With No Tail, Goat Gets Up And Rushes The Fan With a Face With One Shadow and pauses. Then a Circle shape zooms out Of The Goat's Face Turns into an Orange-Brown and White Silhouette On The White Background With the Words "Grazing" Is Black, "Goat" is Brown with Pictures Pvt Ltd Seen Below. Finally fades to black.

FX/SFX: Goat

Music/Sounds: Parsing Music,  Spark Music, and Twinkle Sounds.

Availability: Seen On OMG: Oh My God!