Closing Logo Group

1st Logo (1983-Early 1990s)[]

Nicknames: "GVC", "GVC of Doom", "Cheesy GVC", "Cheap GVC",

Logo: On a moving space background, the apricot text "GVC" zooms out the background, and trailss zoom out with said text, to form the same GVC we've seen before. It zooms out completely. Then, the text with the same color, "GOURMET VIDEO COLLECTION" appears zooming in (a la V of Doom), with some trails, the same as the GVC text did. After that, , four scenes of topless women begin to appear in-sync with the music, stacked on one another and freezing when the next arrives. These includes:

  • A blond woman wearing a red skirt exposing her breasts.
  • A black-haired, completely nude lady laying down on a blue garden deck chair, looking at us sensually while licking one of her fingers.
  • A brunette woman wearing a red dress laying on a yellow bed playing with her breasts.
  • A nude, blonde woman sleeping on a white bed only to be awakened and then stare at the screen.

They all fade out and then the text "PRESENTS" rotates and zooms in. It stops on the middle of the screen.

Closing Logo: On the same space background as before, the text "FIN" in the same color as before rapidly zooms in and passes through us. This is then followed by the stacked text "A GOURMET VIDEO PRESENTATION" zooming in and stopping in the middle, remaining still until the screen fades to black.

FX/SFX: All in cheesy 2D graphics, which resembles the Video Feedback effects.

Music/Sounds: A guitar playing a rock theme, with synth instruments over it. The closing logo has accompanying whooshes.

Availability: Extinct, bordering on ultra rare. Seen on their releases of the time, but it's unknown outside Uruguay.

Editor's Note: If you aren't expecting the text zooming in and out that way, and the psychedelic background makes it worse, it would be a feast for the eyes.

2nd Logo (1985-)[]

Gourment Video Collection (1990s)

Logoː We start off as a CGI tunnel where at the top is dark yellow/orange & at the bottom is black with white. We keep moving to the right of the tunnel as the colors gets more saturated & darker. We then see a black sphere with a silver/brown text "GVC" symbol spinning as it gets closer. While it's getting closer, we see black lines moving onward right above the sphere, & white lines moving outward at the bottom. When they couldn't be shown, the sphere deforms & covers the entire screen (which at this point the camera stopped moving to the right), only to reveal that the word "GVC" is on a space background (with much less stars than the last logo). The logo "shines" & shines again 7 seconds later before ending with "GVC" unpixelated.

Variant: On DVD releases co-produced with BRS Direct, said company's logo would fade into the Gourmet Video logo.

FX/SFXː The movement for the tunnel, the sphere, the lines, & the shining & ending all done in early CGI.

Music/Soundsː A heavy wind sound for the entire time of the tunnel, as well as a synth sound for the lines. Then, a funky rock tune plays for the rest of the logo.

Availabilityː Current and common.

  • Compared to the previous logo, this one has appeared in an even bigger catalogue of releases over the span of five decades. Again, this logo can not only be easy to find in adult stores, but also on VOD sites such as HotMovies and purchasable through their website or
  • Some early releases containing this logo include several Gourmet Quickie videos featuring Christy Canyon, Erica Boyer, Ginger Lynn, and many more. It was also seen on DVD releases of Door To Door Sales, Oriental Technique of Pain and Pleasure, Business as Usual, Soul Kiss, among others.
  • This logo is currently seen on either DVD re-releases of films from the 80's to early 90's or compilation scenes from said period.
  • Despite its availability, movies released in the 1970's usually do not contain this logo.

Editor's Noteː This can be considered as very cheesy due to the early CGI and mix of colors. It can also be scary to some due to the heavy wind sounds.