Closing Logo Group

Background: Golden West Television was the owner of KTLA-TV and operated a television distribution division. The original Golden West company was founded by actor and singer Gene Autry, who owned several radio stations in the United States. Golden West also founded KAUT in Oklahoma City. KTLA spilt from Autry's ownership as Golden West Television in 1982 with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts as a investor. KKR sold Golden West to the Tribune Company in 1985, so Golden West Television's syndication arm was folded into Tribune Entertainment. Tribune acquired KAUT in 2013 through its acquisition of Local TV LLC.



Logo: We see a pink-purple gradient background with thick and metallic borders on the edges of the screen and in the middle are golden-colored letters "GWT". The borders zoom out (revealing it to be all inside a rectangular shape similar to that of a TV screen), as the letters zoom in and rotate approximately 45 degrees. When the letters "G" and "T" touch the bottom-left and the top-right edges of the borders, it stops moving and shines brightly. The borders with the letters in place continue to zoom out a second longer. Once it stops, the words "DISTRIBUTED BY" above the logo and the company name below it then fade in.

Variant: A still variant exists.

FX/SFX: The border and "GWT" zooming in and out, "GWT" shining, and the words above and below the logo fading in. None for the still version.

Music/Sounds: A three-note synth fanfare, with a ding sound effect when the words fade in. None for the still version.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the TV special The Singing Cowboys Ride Again, the end theme plays over the logo.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on 1980s syndicated airings of The Richard Simmons Show, the short-lived sitcom It Takes Two, and 1980-86 episodes of It's a Living. It was also spotted on a later print of the 1980 TV movie Scared Straight! Another Story, Samantha Smith Goes to Washington, and The Singing Cowboys Ride Again, and might have also appeared on original syndicated reruns of CHiPs.