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Background: Georgia Entertainment Industries is a tax incentive program that provides funding for films and TV shows filmed in Georgia. Its logo features the state fruit, the peach.

(November 25, 2009-)[]


Nickname: "Made in Georgia"

Logo: On the black background, we see a 3D abstracted peach with "Georgia" zooming in. Then, a white spark flies out from the left and wipes in the green URL "".


  • 2010- : A long version of this debuted on Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns.
  • September 12, 2011-May 2013: A still, in-credit version appears at the bottom left of the screen at the end of Family Feud before the end credits begin. 
  • On a few early episodes of Dish Nation, a still version is used.
  • Beginning in September 2013, the URL changed to "". This is seen so far on Family Feud since season 15.
  • On Archer Vice and The New Atlanta, the logo is seen on a white background.
  • On several films, this logo appears white as an in-credit.
  • A version with a white background, and full animation exists. This can be seen on the reboot of Queer Eye.
  • There is a still version with no URL.
  • There is an animated version with no URL. This version is a bit more zoomed in than usual.
  • One version has a white background, a 2D peach with the words "On My Mind" below it, in reference to the song "Georgia on my Mind" popularized by Ray Charles. Below that is the URL "".
  • A still variant consisting on a silver peach is seen on the closing credits of most movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with Captain America: Civil War.
  • On Hi-Rez Studios' games, such as Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale, the logo animates above the games' technical system logos (such as Unreal Engine and Havok).
  • On Paid Off With Michael Torpey, the logo is zoomed in to the point where you can't see the URL.
  • On Good Eats: The Return, the peach from the show's credits bounces off the bottom of the screen, then moves to the center, zooms in and fades to the white-background version of the logo.
  • Beginning in 2019, the URL was removed from the logo.
  • On Good Eats: The Return, a bunch of flat peaches drop down, the last one floats and morphs into the Georgia logo.
  • An enhanced version debuted on season 2 of Tyler Perry's Assisted Living. The logo has different shading and starts out from a farther distance before zooming in, and a dark blue spotlight appears when the logo reaches a comfortable distance.

FX/SFX: The zooming in, the spark.

Music/Sounds: A calm, four-note synth theme with "twinkling" sounds. On some shows and films, it is silent or uses the opening theme of the film.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Beginning in summer 2013, a woman singing "Made in Geooooorgiaaaaa" was added over the four-note synth theme. This can be heard on Family Feud.
  • On some shows, such as seasons 2-4 of Archer, a deep male voice announces "Made... in Georgia".
  • Newer episodes of Squidbillies on Adult Swim have the various voices of the show (Dan Halen, Early, Rusty, etc.) saying the famous line "Made in Georgia".
  • Newer episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever and the 2020-2023 episodes of Toonsville have various voices saying the famous line "Made in Georgia" again, the latter has it with the Cartoon Network characters.

Availability: Common. Can be seen at the end of films and TV shows shot in Georgia. Examples are current episodes on seasons 2 and beyond of Sunday Beston BET and Centric,The Game since season 4 on BET, Teen Wolf (2011) on MTV, Ben 10: Alien SwarmFast FiveFamily Feud since season 13 on local syndication, The New Atlanta on Bravo, The Change-Up, Ride Along, and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, among others. This is also seen on Tyler Perry's House of Payne and Meet The Browns on TBS and local syndication. The in-credit version appears on 2011-2013 episodes of Family Feud on GSN with season 13 reruns on local syndication as the show moved to Atlanta, Georgia. This logo was also seen on Swift Justice in syndication, Tiny and Toya and The Mo'Nique Show both on BET. Also seen on Adult Swim's Too Many Cooks on YouTube (strangely), seen in the beginning of Hi-Rez Studio's game Smite after the Hi-Rez Studios Logo, and Steven Universe, even the ones made in Primal Screen in Atlanta. Also seen on live broadcasts that are in Georgia, for example Inside the NBA. Surprisingly seen the religious broadcast Creflo Dollar on The Victory Channel (formerly BVOVn) and syndication and TBN.

Scare Factor: None.