Closing Logo Group

(May 26, 1987)


Logo: A blue beam with a star on the upper side of it (possibly a meteor with it's fire/curtains) blasts off to make a spiral, against a black background. Then, another blue beam appears over the north side of the screen to make a spiral-like figure. Both beams then get separated and run off the screen, from which the spiral morphs to make a G. Its borders zoom in by trails to make a blue filmstripped G, detailed with some lines. The background then turns white and then the texts "GENICO FILMS" on the left and "PRODUCTION CO." along with the chinese text, all in blue, appear over the G. Then, it cut to the title sequence (which is also in white background).

FX/SFX: The blue beams, the spiral thing moving, the filmstrips zooming in, the background change and the texts appearing.

Cheesy Factor: The animation is rather choppy and uncomfortable, mainly with the filmholes trail animation as it have a much smoother animation and more frames per second, and the background just turns white. The G doesn't look like a G, it looks more like a looped cursive majuscule A.

Music/Sounds: A held synthetized note along with a one-note whoosh, which segues into a triumphant ascending fanfare with synth trumpets.

Availability: Seen on Code of Honour (a.k.a. BrotherhoodTriad Savages and Triad Savager).

Scare Factor: Medium. The darkness and the sudden animation, along with the texts can bother some, but this is far from being scary, as it's cheesiness lower the scare factor, along with that fanfare. Minimal for those who used to it.