Closing Logo Group

Background: This was another joint venture between Gaumont and Sony in 2004. This venture ended in 2007.


Gaumont Columbia TriStar Films logo (2004-2007)GCTF

Nicknames: "The Flower Torch Lady", "The Daisy Torch Lady"

Logo: On a wispy blue BG, we see the standard Columbia Torch Lady to the left of the screen, surrounded by the Gaumont daisy. We see the words "Gaumont Columbia TriStar Films" to the right, sparkling.

FX/SFX: The "shining" and "sparkling".

Cheesy Factor: Strangely, the TriStar logo is omitted. also the Torch Lady looks cheaply inserted over the daisy outline.

Music/Sounds: Silent.

Availability: Was seen on French theatrical prints of export films released by Columbia-Tri-Star/Sony Pictures, as well as co-productions with Gaumont. This was removed from most French Home Video/TV prints of these films, but can be seen on French trailers on R2 DVDs or on European trailer websites.

Scare Factor: None.