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(September 24, 1970)[]

Ganesh Movies (1970)

Logo: On a field, we see a male elephant with three white lines between its eyes. It has the trunk in position to a trumpet. The elephant walks near the camera while it's trumpetting, and the scene ends. Then, the light fades in and we see a dark room with a table in the middle. On the table we see a throne where there's a statue of Ganesh. At the sides of the throne we see two incense sticks being burned (from which smoke is coming) and two candles, in addition of some offerings, and above it we see a big star. On the upper sides of the screen we see two ceiling lamps. On the frontal part of the table we see "GANESH MOVIES".

FX/SFX: Live action during the sequence of the elephant walking. The fade in when the logo appears.

Music/Sounds: The elephant during the first sequence. When the logo appears, a happy melody with a sitar which ends with a strum of a lyra.

Availability: Seen only on Kann Malar.

Editor's Note: None.