Closing Logo Group

Background: Fox World was an international production sub-division of Fox Television Studios (now "Fox 21 Television Studios") and a division of 20th Century Fox International Television created to make reality shows overseas.


Nicknames: "CGI Searchlights", “Global CGI Searchlights”

Logo: We zoom-out from a golden and rotating model of Earth, to reveal it is the standard 1994 20th Century Fox logo except with "FOX WORLD" instead of "20th CENTURY FOX". The "O" is the golden model of Earth. The byline, "A FOX TELEVISION STUDIOS COMPANY" fades-in when the logo forms.

FX/SFX: The zoom-out, and the Earth rotating.

Music/Sounds: Either the end of the show, or the second half of the 1997 20th Century Fox fanfare.

Availability: Extinct. It was last seen on Temptation Island on the now-defunct Fox Reality Channel, but on Hulu, the show ended with no Fox logo. Also seen on Joe Millionaire.