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Fox Broadcasting Company[]


FBC 1986

When Fox launched on October 9, 1986 as Fox Broadcasting Company, it used a logo with three squares containing the network's initials, similar to BBC's current logo from 1997. Below it was a rectangle with the network's full name in the same font. The logo was mostly blue with yellow lettering.



Fox (1986)

Later in 1986, Fox Broadcasting Company changed to just Fox (though its corporate name is still Fox Broadcasting Company), launching with a logo that slightly resembled the 20th Century Fox print logo. A negative space makes the O.


Fox (1987)

In 1987, Fox changed their logo to make it look more like the now-distinct 20th Century Fox print logo.



Fox (1993)

In September 1993, the familiar logo was given a more "hip" makeover, with the "FOX" wordmark overhauled into its current proprietary logotype and the angle changed, removing the tilting.

Fox (1994)

In 1994, the Fox text was made smaller in this version, and the searchlights were moved closer to the edge of the rectangle.


Fox (1995)

Another revised logo was introduced for the 1995–96 television season, removing the searchlights, but retaining the two lower panes and adding a third pane atop the logotype.


Fox (1996)

In 1996, the 1994 logo returned, this time without the two black bars at the bottom. Also, the searchlights were made thicker and longer. Although it is no longer used as of 1999, it still remains in use on plenty of Fox affiliates' logos. It also appears on the alternate logo of Fox News Channel mainly for the cable network's special breaking news reports and news productions as seen on the Fox television network.



The current version of the logo was introduced in 1999, removing the searchlights completely and switching the logo exclusively to a wordmark design. Despite this, the searchlight theme remains an integral part of 21st Century Fox's branding efforts; they are still incorporated into Fox News Channel's logo, and the universal station logo introduced in 2006 by Fox's owned-and-operated stations. This logo is now used as that of the network's current parent company Fox Corporation.


In August 2019, Fox implemented branding elements by Trollbäck + Company, which slightly tweaked the 1993 wordmark to make it thicker, and introduced an abstract version of the wordmark whose shapes are incorporated into advertising and on-air branding elements.

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