Closing Logo Group

Background: Four Star-Excelsior Releasing Company was the short-lived theatrical division of Four Star International. It mainly released horror and exploitation films. Four Star was put under New World Entertainment's ownership in 1989 after it was folded by Andrew's Group. New World was acquired by News Corporation on January 22, 1997. Most of Four Star-Excelsior's films are long out of print, except for The Brotherhood of Satan, which was released by Columbia Pictures.


Nicknames: "Album Cover", "Four Star ‘70", "Vertical Stars", "Four Star Ribbon"

Logo: On the same background as the TV counterpart of this logo used, we see four gold stars appear one by one on thin green lines, then in a golden slab serif we see the words "FOUR STAR EXCELSIOR" appear on screen. Then a red line in the middle of the screen and the red text "Releasing Company" in Edwardian Bold, appear suddenly.

FX/SFX: Everything appearing, no fade in's here.

Music/Sounds: The opening sounds of music to the movie.

Availability: Extremely rare. Can be found on The Brotherhood of Satan.