Closing Logo Group

Background: Fond Kino is the theatrical name for the Federal fund of social and economic support of national cinematography. The fund invests and helps to produce full-scale Russian movies. They had no logo until 2012.

1st Logo

(April 2012 - December 2013)

Nickname: "ФК"

Logo: Over a light-flooded background, we see hundreds of floating covers for the Russian films produced by the fund. They zooms out and form the purple word "КИНО", which turns into "ФОНД". The two words place themselves at the right side of the rotating shield with "ФК" carved in it.

FX/SFX: Animation of the name. The covers turning into words looks choppy.

Music/Sounds: A coarse sounds of the zooming and words turning.

Availability: Seen on the films from the time frame.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

2nd Logo

(January 2014 - )

logo: On either black or white background, we see purple shield with "ФК" letters carved in, slowly panning. Then the revolving shield is seen at some distance while the letters of the name fly and take their positions. The already complete logo pans several times around the screen before slightly zooming back and shining.Variants: Apart from black or white background, there are more color variants: Silvery logo on black background, with faint purple tint.Silvery logo on black background, slightly zoomed back, with bluish aurora glow behind.Still print version was in use as well.

FX/SFX: Animation of the moving shield and letters.

Music/Sounds: Soft background sounds and majestic orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Current and common on most of Russian films. The logo and its variants can also be seen on their website.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

3rd Logo (International variant)

(2014? -) Nicknames: CF Logo: Againest a Purple Sheld with CF And Cinema fund Below.

Music/sounds: TBA

4rd Logo Nicknames: CF 2 Logo: Same As The 1st Logo. But "Cinema Fund" Replaces "Fond Kino"