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Zareena Productions (1993)

Nicknames"Thunder of Disturbance", "The Thunder Loop", "They Seriously Just Had This In Mind?"

LogoFor 1-2 seconds, we see the company's name on a black background. Next, a stock footage of flashing blue thunder loops and shakes throughout the course of the logo.

FX/SFXJust the quick transition of the text and the thunder.

Cheesy FactorOff the charts, especially considering that the thunder footage was really common in most Pakistani films from the era despite being part of the film, another logo or something else. The result of this makes this of pretty low budget. The quality of the video looks terrible for 1993.

Music/SoundsThe man's speech and the thunder. The man speaks about something before the logo cuts. It must be due to an audio error.

Availability: Seen on Tessri Dunia.

Scare FactorMedium to high. The ugly Urdu text appearing suddenly for a few seconds and booming announcer may startle some people. The flashing thunder will make this tough for most epileptics. However, the notable low-budget fashion and repetitiveness would make this instantly boring.