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Nicknames: ''A Horse Coming Together with Some Fireworks", "Wow, What An Odd Font", "Odd Font and Horse Screeching Noise from Hell", "Hoover's New Zealand Brother" "Satan's Younger Cousin"


Logo: On a black background, there are two unfolding words; "Firehorse" in red with the second part of the F, and makes an odd shape connected in place and the circle to dot the I and "Films" in pink which zooms out all in a hard-to-describe font, connected to each other except for that horse thing as well as a white flash from the first F, all of which is zooming out.

Variants: Sometimes, a copyright fades in.

FX/SFX: The flash and the zooming of the words.

Cheesy Factor: The font is awful, which may frighten many people.

Music/Sounds: Fireworks shooting and a horse's galloping noise which is followed by the same horse neighing.

Availability: It has been seen on many prints of Bro Town, which aired on TV3 then C4/Four/TheEdgeTV and Comedy Central (New Zealand) and possibly, when airing in Australia, it aired on SBS.

Scare Factor: Medium to high (bordering on nightmare) due to the extremely odd font and horse screeching noise.