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Filmoteka Narodowa - Instytut Audiowizualny (translated to National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute in English and abbreviated to FINA) is a Warsaw-based film archive owned by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. It was founded on April 29, 1955 as Centralne Archiwum Filmowe (or Central Film Archive in English). On June 1, 1970, the company was renamed to Filmotekę Polską and then Filmoteka Narodowa in 1987. On March 1, 2017, Filmoteka merged with Narodowym Instytutem Audiowizualnym (National Film Archive in English) where their current name stands.

Filmotekę Polską[]

1st Logo (1970's)[]

Logo: On a black background, twenty-five movie scenes pop in within a 5x5 table taking up the whole scene. The first and third row appear left to right whereas the others pop in the opposite direction. One of these clips, specifically the one in the top left, features Charlie Chaplin. Around thirty-five seconds in, a stylized, interconnected, and curvy "fp" in white against a red background fades and zooms in. "FILMOTEKA" and "POLSKA" are displayed within the top and bottom line of the logos, followed by "PRZEDSTAWIA" in white and with a black shadow facing the left, fading in within the center line. As the latter appears, the background darkens and a few seconds later, the logo excluding "PRZEDSTAWIA" fades out.

Variant: A B&W variant exists.

FX/SFX: Live-action for the movie clips; Cel animation for the logo zooming in and the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: A fast-paced and old fashioned piano ditty. After that, when the logo zooms in, a drum roll plays, followed by a horn fanfare when the text appears.

Availability: It was seen on printings of Romeo i Julcia and Żona i nie żona dating around the 1970's.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (1980's)[]

Logo: On a black background, a gray roll of film rolls into the screen from the left, creating a curve and then leaving the view. It appears again from the bottom left and creates a top right box corner that interlaps with the horizontal curve. A few seconds later, the film strips morph into a 2D, curvy version of themselves and then zoom out, revealing a white background while it positions itself on the top left. The following words in varying sizes and positions pop in next to the logo:


After a brief pause, "PRZEDSTAWIA" appears letter by letter below in the same format as the above letters.

Variant: A colorized variant exists where the text and logo are red.

FX/SFX: Stop-motion for the roll of film, Cel animation for the rest.

Music/Sounds: A film projector sound at the start, followed by an fast, ascending set of piano notes each ending with a drum hit. As the film strips crossfade into the logo, a faster set of drums and piano notes play. Then, the same ascending piano notes play before a jazzy piano/drum theme is heard shortly before "PRZEDSTAWIA" finishes appearing.

Availability: Ultra rare. Appears on 1970's and 80's film prints of pre-war Polish films the company has archived such as Jego ekscelencja subiekt and Ordynat Michorowski. However, they are often cut on modern releases including home media. It has also been said to appear on W starym kinie from the 1970's.

Editor's Note: None.

Filmoteka Narodowa[]

(Mid 1990s-2011)[]

Logo: On a black background, a hand opens up, revealing a spark of light on its palm which releases a film strip path curving out of it. Another film strip flies in from the top right to join the one from the palm. among more entering the picture from various directions to circle around the hand. After the film strip leaves the hand's palm, the latter rotates with its back facing the camera to feel the flying strips.

Several seconds later, the hand returns to its initial position, turning down and then upwards to open its palm and absorb the film strips into the latter. The hand closes, faces the right, and, with light inside of the palm, opens two fingers (index and middle finger), releasing the ray of light and mimicking a film projector.

Panning over to the right, a white box with a stylized, curvy film strip with the silhouette of a falcon on the right on top of "FILMOTEKA NARODOWA" is being projected by the light. The latter fades out, leaving the logo in print form on a black background.

Variant: A blue tinted variant exists. Plus, the text is thinner and the logo has a blurry outline to its box.

FX/SFX: Smooth hand-drawn animation by Piotra Dumały.

Music/Sounds: A classical piano piece composed by Bernarda Kawki. A reverse cymbal crash plays when the hand mimicks a film projector.

Availability: Seen on modern reprints of classic Polish films from this period such as Bylem Kapo. Like before, most current releases of these films cut this logo out.

Editor's Note: None.