Closing Logo Group

(January 1, 1975)[]


Film Field Productions (1975)

WARNING: The logo is a little loud, please turn down your speakers. Also, do not watch the video if you are prone to epilepsy.

Nicknames: "The Announcer of Doom", "Where In The World Is The Text?!", "The World's Cheapest Logo", "Between Heaven and Hell" "Dansk Reklame TV lost cousin"

Logo: Over a moving vortex-like background, we see multi-colored smoke swirls. The company name doesn't appear.

FX/SFX: The smoke swirling.

Music/Sounds: Only a very deep announcer saying something in Hindi, which is also used for the warning.

Availability: Only seen on Dayar E Madina.

Editor's Note: Just the fact that there's an unaccompanied, villain-ish announcer could make one's bones shiver.