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Fairview Entertainment is Jon Favreau's production company. It founded in November 1996, but no logo used until 2016.

(April 14th, 2016-present)[]


The logo itself.

Logo: On the black background, we see the image on the boarded square. The image has the globe (with 3 axis around it) with the holder below next to the long pointy triangle on the blue background. Underneath the square, there was "FAIRVIEW" in a tall font and "E N T E R T A I N M E N T" in a short font to fit the length of the square. It was set in the stone texture.

FX/SFX: None. 

Music/Sounds: Silent, due to the memory of Garry Shandling & Shawn Robinson, both of them which passed away during the production of The Jungle Book (2016).

Availability: Brand new. Debuted at the end of the film mentioned above.

Scare Factor: None.