Closing Logo Group



Logo: We see on a black/gold background with white lines, a city with blue roads and white outlined houses (Panama City), rotating to the viewer and then zooming out. Which whom the rest of the country would not be seen until then we see the country (Panama), with their 9 points (their capitals) on white, shiny lights. the country then becomes gold, and then the 5, in a gold scheme too and lines a bit darker than it, appears in joint with that. The 5 then zooms out to the bottom, in a space background, so the text "PANAVISION" Could zoom with rainbow trails to the top. The V then becomes huge and the trails are now 2D. The logo shines and then it cuts to black.

FX/SFX:Everything in this logo.

Cheesy Factor: The animation is dated for the 80's, The country would be seen clearly, the space isn't moving, And it's a shame they've used this until it's death.

Music/Sounds: A soft music with bongoes and a guitar, or as they say, typical Panamanian music. A synth theme is heard too when the city is zoomed out. Some Trumpets are accompanied at the rest of the logo, and when it shines and cuts, some fast electronic sounds.

Music/Sounds variants: Sometimes, an announcer would say "From the Pacific to the Atlantic, Panavision Channel 5 transmitting" accompaning the song.

Availability: Rare. Seen on the end and start of many shows Panavisión has produced.

Scare factor: Low to high,. The music is cool, but the effects, fast animation and sudden text can scare more than a few. Also many cannot expect the fast, electronic sounds, that adds to the scare factor. It's lowed for those who used to it.