Closing Logo Group



Nicknames: "Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Thief", "$10-Dollar Budget Logo", "They Probably Hired Animation Beginners", "Cheesy Filmstrip", "When You're New to Editing"

Logo: On a yellow scrolling filmstrip background (probably stock), the letters "FCI" quickly spin in and place. A blue lens flare then wipes in a filmstrip below the text. The letters of "PRODUCTION" then quickly zoom out, spin and spread themselves below the filmstrip as a blue light trail is shown with them. The light trail then goes off once the letters are placed. "Cambodia" then stretches out below via "blur" effect.


Music/Sounds: The Sony Pictures Home Entertainment music altered with a few whooshing sound effects.

Availability: Unknown.

Editor's Note: The whole logo just screams of a really low budget: from the forming of the text, which can be done with BluffTitler (but without a really similar result), to the usage of a stock filmstrip background loop, to the appearance of Cambodia which screams like a video editor effect, and lastly, the theft of the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment music. It's one of the cheesiest Cambodian logos all around.