Closing Logo Group


Bandicam 2018-10-25 11-20-21-349

Logo: Some shaped eyes with blue and red flipping and crisscrossing , the shaped eye then appear flipping with opening eyes in tiles , when it's closed up , the one gunmetal shaped like eyes flipping to see the opening B&W eyes. The last part then flips to form like shaped blue eye , then "flips" with outlined eye. Then closes and open to flash the text "eye" with "film instituut nederland" , Then flashes out and flip down.

FX/SFX: The forming of an shaped symbol like logo.


  • There is a short version.
  • There is a B&W version.

Music/Sounds: The rock like piece with celest and deep whooshes like Fennada Filmi 2nd logo , then a piano like piece when the symbol is formed. and a ding sound when symbol flashes.

Availability: Seen only on later prints of Spetters.