Closing Logo Group

1st Logo (October 20, 2000)[]

Euro Films (2000) (From Barood)

Logo: On a starfield background, we see a bright yellow explosion rapidly zooming in. When it gets really close, The explosion dissipates, causing a rotating planet-like object to zoom in. Once it stops, The company's initials in orange with a yellow bottom appears from the right side of the rock, being in front of the planet-like thing and the company's name "EURO FILMS" in the same color zooms out from the bottom.

Technique: The sunburst, the planet and the text. 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Loud whooshes then a synth fanfare.

Availability: Seen only on Barood.

2nd Logo (December 31, 2003)[]

R flms

Logo: A 20th Century Fox-esque tower rotates a bit from the screen, with the searchlights moving once it rotates. The tower says "EURO FILMS" with "FILMS" sandwiched under the "EURO".

Trivia: This is a default template for the 3D video editing software Ulead Cool 3D. You can see the template here.

Technique: The logo rotating and the searchlights.

Music/Sounds: A 6-note fast, heroic and bombastic fanfare which repeats twice, and then an explosive note when the logo ends.

Availability: Seen only on Jeeva Gujjar.