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Entertainment One (also spelled as "eOne" and formerly Koch Entertainment and E1 Entertainment) began operations in 1973 as the music distributor ROW (Records on Wheels) in Canada, and was renamed to Entertainment One Fund. In June 2005 it acquired Koch Entertainment, thus expanding their distribution network in Canada and US. Throughout the years, eOne built regional home entertainment divisions in the UK (based on Contender Entertainment Group and Maximum Entertainment), Benelux (based on RCV Entertainment), and Canada (formerly Seville Pictures). In 2008, eOne also purchased the minor television companies Oasis International, Blueprint Entertainment and Barna-Alper. Since 2007, eOne has been distributing films for cinemas. They later acquired Here! Films in 2009, Hopscotch Films and Alliance Films in 2013, and Phase 4 Films and Force Four in 2014.

From 2014 until 2016, eOne has distributed and released additional kids content made under the Kaboom! Entertainment label in Canada and the United States. In 2019, after Hasbro acquired Entertainment One, their future properties began using the eOne name, absorbing the Allspark name with it a year later.

1st Logo (2009-September 21, 2010)[]

Nickname: "E1 Globe"

Logo: On a dark space background with a blue color scheme, we see the planet Earth, which is tinted in blue and rotates slowly. As we zoom in and the planet brightens up, we see a large structure on it. As the planet rotates more, we see that it is the large letters "E1", shone by dots of light in the letters. Several lines of light shine behind the planet, which becomes solid, and as "E1" gets to a comfortable position, the logo is compressed into a box and "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in below. The light lines continue to shine and move across the planet.


  • There is a still version on TV shows and some trailers for E1-released movies. It is bigger and resembles the print version.
  • A short version exists.

FX/SFX: The planet rotating and revealing "E1".

Music/Sounds: An ascending triumphant fanfare, composed by Jim McGrath. Sometimes, it's the opening/closing theme of the movie.

Availability: Rare, as this logo was rather short-lived. It can be seen on DVD releases and films from the company during the era. It also appears on some TV series, such as Hung. Also appears on Peppa Pig Fun & Games for Nintendo DS.

2nd Logo (September 28, 2010-2015)[]

Nicknames: "The Box", "eOne Box"

Logo: On a black background, we see a dark sphere surrounded by a blue light. An "e" then rises up from the sphere. Then the letter and sphere start to zoom out and shift to the left, while "ne" slide in from behind the sphere to the right. As the logo zooms out, the sphere becomes an "o", the letters become boxed, the box turns blue, and the word "entertainmentone" in blue wipes in to the right below the box.

Variant: On TV shows, the logo appears sped-up and cut to the last seconds.

FX/SFX: The letters coming, zooming and wiping out.


  • 2010-2013: Same as the previous logo, but re-arranged to be a bit more majestic. This was also composed by Jim McGrath.
  • 2013-2015: The 2004 Alliance Atlantis fanfare, composed by Doug Pennock and performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Availability: Common. Originally was considered uncommon and could be seen on the trailers for eOne shows/movies, TV shows like Rookie Blue and The Firm, and various DVDs distributed in the UK, Canada, the Netherlands and the US. Since eOne gained distribution forces, the logo became much more widespread. Strangely, this appears on American Netflix and Hulu prints of Waste Land, despite that film being distributed in America through Arthouse Films and eOne only distributing it in Canada--and even more strange is that the logo audio is louder than the rest of the movie. The logo also shows up on Crackle's print of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, preceding the Warner Bros. logo.

Editor's Note: A well-liked logo amongst logo fans in general.

3rd Logo (2015-)[]

Nicknames: "The Box II", "eOne Box II", "Zooming Squares", "Box of Annoyance", "Box of Plastering"

Logo: It starts in a similar fashion to the previous logo. Some rings zoom out and place themselves near the top of the O. The rings and the O turn and reveal the front of the Square the O is in and a background of zooming squares. The letters in "Entertainment" zoom out and place themselves by the square the O is in. After a few seconds, a giant square turns and reveals the logo is in a gigantic square, revealing a black background and one singular "e" and encasing the "One" in it. The final result reads "eOne".

Variants: TV shows have the logo shortened.

FX/SFX: Amazing CGI!

Music/Sounds: The Alliance Altantis music with a louder drumroll and soft sparkling sounds after the first few notes and whooshes with the zoom outs. It's shortened on television shows.

Availability: Current.

  • It was first seen before trailers of movies made by them or, outside of the United States, studios such as Lionsgate, Focus Features, or The Weinstein Company.
  • The first TV show on which this logo appeared was PJ Masks on Disney Junior in the US and Kids' CBC in Canada. Also seen on the third season of Bitten.
  • The white in-credit version appears on Peppa Pig starting from series 5, while the full name version can be found on Alien TV.
  • The still version of the logo began appearing on Grey's Anatomy since season 15 after Mark Gordon became the president of the company, as well as on episodes of Ransom on CBS.
  • On Hasbro shows, this can be currently seen on My Little Pony: Pony Life on Discovery Family in the US and Treehouse in Canada.
  • It also appears on some streaming prints of some movies internationally; such as the first four Laika films, preceding their custom Focus Features logo variations, in addition to a Netflix print as well as a UK/Canadian print of Gnomeo and Juliet, preceding the 2002 Touchstone Pictures logo. It also appears at the start of a Netflix print as well as UK/Australian/Spanish/Dutch prints of The House with a Clock in Its Walls, plastering the custom Universal Pictures variant. In the United States, it appears before the Phase 4 Films logo on Amazon Prime Video's print of Miss Meadows, plastering the previous logo.
  • This logo is also used as a de-facto home video logo on various DVDs and Blu-rays in the UK, Canada, Australia, Spain and the US.
  • As with the previous logo, since eOne gained more distribution forces, this logo became much more widespread.
  • With the next logo being recently introduced, this logo's days are numbered.

Editor's Note: Again, this is a well-liked logo.

4th Logo (2020-)[]

Nicknames: "The Box III", "eOne Box III", "Zooming Squares II", "Hasbro Box"

Logo: It starts like the previous logo, but with a square that zooms out with other squares on a starry blue/black background. As the pillars zoom out into their positions, another square moves into the center of the screen and the eOne text, piece by piece, zooms into their usual position as the background fades to black. The logo shines while the Hasbro byline fades in below.


  • An in-credit version exists, sometimes with Hasbro's own logo next to it.
  • A shortened version exists.
  • On the TV adaption of Candy Land, the in-credit logo is seen on top, with the Hasbro and Candy Land logos seen below it. The byline is intact here. This is seen with the other logos on the bottom left of the screen. like the rest of the credits.
  • A version without the byline exists.

FX/SFX: Some more nice CGI for the animated version, none for the in-credit variants.

Music/Sounds: A short version of the same music from the previous logo. Sometimes the opening/closing theme plays over it or silence.

Availability: Current. The logo first appeared in-credit on the TV adaptation of Candy Land, and would later be used on select shows like Power Rangers: Dino Fury (along with the previous logo). The animated version first appeared on Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, and is likely to be used in tandem with the previous logo for shows and movies based on Hasbro properties. Also seen on the 2021 4K UHD Blu-ray of The Transformers: The Movie in both the short and long versions.

Editor's Note: A nice, well executed update that welcomes in an new era of Entertainment One.