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Entertainmentmanufacturing 01-1-

Nicknames: "The Metal Letter Factory"

Logo: On a white background with several lines of metallic black letters with lines of "C"s, "U"s, "M"s, "O"s and "A"s, an "E" drops down, then another "E" drops down, the camera pans up to a line of "R"s, then the last "E" drops down and positions itself above a line of "A"s moving to the right and the "E" (which later becomes a "U") and several more letters drop down from the lines of letters onto another white background and form three words. The words then flip up, revealing "ENTERTAINMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY" which then shines and cuts out.

Music/Sounds: A clanking noise, followed by a clang when the words flip up.

Availability: Rare. Only seen on Lord of War.