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Edmark Corporation is a software publisher of educational print materials and an educational software developer in Redmond, Washington. They developed software for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS in several languages and sold it in over a dozen countries. In 2000, Riverdeep Interactive Learning purchased Edmark for $85 million.

(1995-September 2000)[]

Logo: On a blue/black gradient background, a light blue swirl looking like a letter "e" appears, as well as the word "EDMARK" above it. Then, a yellow boy fades in the "e", and he spreads out his arms, letting out yellow stars. Then, a spark appears on the bottom and writes "Ignite the Curious Mind™" below the logo, and twinkles on "™".

FX/SFX: The boy appearing, spreading out his arms, stars flying everywhere, and the spark drawing the byline.

Music/Sounds: Three synth/xylophone notes, followed by an ascending synth/xylophone composition. When the spark writes the byline, two notes can be heard, and when it twinkles on "™", one more note is heard.

Music/Sounds Variant: A shortened version of the theme exists, which cuts off the ascending xylophone part.

Availability: Rare.