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(May 24, 2013)[]

Edison Universal Entertainments (2014)

Logo: On a space background, a fire asteroid zooms from nowhere. Then, the camera zooms in on the asteroid. The camera goes to the left spotting Earth. The camera zooms into India to what looks like the studio then zooms out, seeing that Earth's continents are all white. "EDISON" and "UNIVERSAL" in red text, come from the side of the earth when the camera zooms out. Then, a blue banner comes from the left and makes a U-turn surrounding the bottom of said Earth. A white, shiny, dot comes from the banner and zooms to the right making "ENTERTAINMENTS" disappear and a red light (similar to the other one) at the bottom of the banner also zooms to the right and disappears making "PRESENTS". The logo freezes


Music/Sounds: Whooshing and flaming sounds from the camera movement and asteroid, segueing into the second CJ Entertainment theme (which uses stock music from EastWest's "Scoring Tools" sample CD) after the aerial view is shown, with a shining sound when "ENTERTAINMENTS" wipes in.

Availability: Seen on Sokkali.

Editor's Note: None.