Closing Logo Group


Nicknames: "The Forming Sun"

Bandicam 2017-01-03 15-08-34-165

Logo: On a starry night background, we see a yellow circle revealing upward to the (almost) center, circle zooms-in a bit then the 17 lines streching from the circle, then lines unstretch and split from a circle a bit (which sun is fully formed), the sun glows in a yellow color, then we fade in to the choppy looking cloudy sky, the sun goes red, then the red text saying "EASTERN GROUP" [with yellow shade] crawls up from above the sun.

FX/SFX: Sun forming, fade in to a cloudy sky, text crawling up.

Cheesy Factor: The whole thing is very cheap, also moving clouds is done (purposely) in stop-motion animation.

Music/Sounds: Hard to describe

Availablity: Extremely rare, the only known movie released by the company is Sa Nag-aapoy Na Dagat.

Scare Factor: Low, the music can scare a few.