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Nicknames: "The Rainbow forms" "The Rainbow" "That the creepy whooshes logo at the begin of Tuoi Day Thi" "Another Korean response to T.V. Films Pvt., Ltd. and Pervez Productions" "Novitas Korean Cousin" "Counterfeited sky background" "Unpolished cloud background" "Tutu Films , Aarti Pictures and Play Pictures Distant Cousin" "Do want Dream?" "VIVA Films Korean Cousin" "What with you do are thinking? : The Rainbow Paint" "...And you tough Shera Films was outdated"

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Logo: The logo starts on a sky background with "DREAM" and "Entertainment" zooming out , then laser shoots sync with the sounds , forming "SEARCH" , then

rainbow shoots up with comets , as the logo finishes , the logo shines , and "DREAM" shines with a ping.

FX/SFX: The forming logo.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare, with whooshes and string sounds.

Availability: Rare. Dream Search only released twelve films, such as Tuoi Day Thi.