Fox Kids Network (Block)


Fox Kids (Channel)




Fox Kids LA started its broadcast in 1994 as a block on FOX. Then, a new channel with its brand name would be launched in 1996.



Due to Disney's purchase of Fox Family Worldwide, Fox Kids International and Saban Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company managed the international assets of the channel from 2001 to 2004, when it decided to introduce a new brandname to replace the "Fox Kids" brand, thus rebranding the channel as Jetix in Latin America on 1st August 2004. 

Disney XD

2009-2015, 2009-2016 (bug logo)

On July 3, 2009, Jetix is rebranded as Disney XD.

2015-present, 2016-present (bug logo)

In July 2015, Disney XD started using this logo in Game On and XQSí (PQÑao) (Why not?) programming block promos. It was still used in tandem with its predecessor until 1, June, 2016, when the entire channel rebranded.

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