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The Disney Channel



The Disney Channel 1983.svg

Disney Channel debuted on April 18, 1983 as a premium cable channel named The Disney Channel. Its original logo featured a rounded TV screen with horizontal lines and a Mickey Mouse silhouette.


Disney Channel logo 1987.svg

The lettering below the logo were changed in February 1987 to resemble the wordmark of The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse's silhouette was also changed, making it the current one. The wordmark was sometimes seen without the TV screen with the silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head or vice versa.

Disney Channel



Disney Channel 1997.svg

To reflect its transition from a premium channel to a commercial-free basic cable service, The Disney Channel's presentation was dramatically overhauled on April 6, 1997, removing the word "The" from its name and becoming simply Disney Channel. This logo was often seen without the word "CHANNEL" underneath, and the channel was usually referred to as just "Disney". The animated variant has Mickey Mouse, dancing inside the TV. It's found on old shows like Out of The Box, So Weird, and others. Alternate versions of this logo were used for the channel's three program blocks launched after the rebrand: preschool-oriented morning block Playhouse Disney, adult-oriented nighttime block Vault Disney, and preteen-targeted weekend block Zoog Disney. The new look was created by Lee Hunt Associates with help from Cuppa Coffee and English & Pockett. This logo was also shown with many other characters in it, an element that was dropped in 2000, though the original variant of the logo continued in use until 2002 during the Playhouse Disney and Vault Disney program blocks along with Imagineer That segments and Disney Channel Original Movies.


Disney Channel 2000.png

A restyled variant of the 1997 logo was introduced in late 1999, making the "Mickey TV" 3D, changing it's color and removing Mickey Mouse. After Vault Disney was discontinued in September 2002, this logo also appeared during the late night hours until the original version of the 2002 logo was introduced.


Disney Channel 2002.svg

On October 7, 2002, Disney Channel introduced a new logo still based on the Mickey Mouse silhouette, and was rolled out to other countries the following year. Design agencies Razorfish and CA Square were involved in the rebranding.[1] During this period, the channel started using a series of celebrity bumpers still in use, featuring live-action or animated characters drawing the logo with a glow stick.


Disney Channel 2002 alt.svg

Before the 2010 update, the complete logo would occasionally be shown. This version was normally shown on intros for Disney Channel's original series and movies between 2002 and 2007.


Disney Channel (2010).svg

On May 7, 2010, Disney Channel updated its on-air look and began using a modified version of the 2002 logo, which originally was introduced two months earlier in bumpers for weekend evening programming. The Mickey Mouse head silhouette is inside a box resembling a smartphone application icon. Playhouse Disney also used a logo similar to this one, but it was short-lived as it became Disney Junior.



Disney Channel 2014.png

On May 22, 2014, Disney Channel completely overhauled its logo for the first time in 12 years of its existence; the new logo incorporates the ears moved on to the I of 'Disney' and the Disney logo in the Walt Disney font. Also, the tube shape was removed, two circles were added to the left and right of the dot of the "i", and the stylized Mickey Mouse head shape was retired after 12 years. The early normal lowercase "i" version without the two dots on the dot "i" of this logo was first used earlier in Germany on January 17. The transparent version of this logo is still used as a on-screen bug.


Disney Channel 2017.svg

Disney Channel changed to a 2D version of the previous logo on March 24, 2017. Its new on-air presentation was launched as well. In Latin America, the Disney Junior logo also became 2D that same year. Despite this logo is no longer used in the United States as 2019, it's still used internationally.


Disney channel 2019.svg

In February 2019, Disney Channel updated its on-air look and began using a modified version of the 2017 logo, which originally was introduced two months earlier in 2018 during "25 Days of Christmas". It was later used on promos for "Sydney to the Max", and eventually as part of their brand refresh in 2019.

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