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Background: Disney's FastPlay is a Disney DVD enhancement introduced in 2004. While it says that it plays the movie and bonus features automatically, it instead plays all the trailers on the DVD, followed by the movie coming immediately afterwards--this video shows that the average length of DVD previews with FastPlay activated is 8 minutes.

(August 17, 2004-)[]

Nicknames: "Glitter Disc", "Slow Play", "Scam Play", "Where's the Remote?"

Logo: The Disney DVD logo (with a mirrored arc) shines on a cloudy blue background. Tinker Bell flies up and waves her wand on the Disney DVD logo, changing it into the Fast Play logo, and then flies away with her pixie dust trailing behind her. The pixie dust leaves behind two purple icons below the logo: "Main Menu" on the right (which appears first), and "FastPlay" on the left (which appears second). The Disney FastPlay logo "sparkles" throughout the logo. The Main Menu icon flashes twice, then the FastPlay icon flashes three times timed with the narration. The FastPlay logo shines and the logo fades out.


  • On several foreign Disney releases with FastPlay such as Korean DVDs, the Tinker Bell animation is skipped, or the text is on their respective language.
  • On Mulan II, the arrow remains on the screen for one second longer after the bumper fades to black.

FX/SFX: Pretty much everything in the logo.

Music/Sounds: A series of dings and whooshes with a short horn fanfare and an announcer (Tom Kane) saying "This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney's FastPlay. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass FastPlay, select the "Main Menu" button at any time. FastPlay will begin in a moment."

Availability: Common. Debuted on Mickey•Donald•Goofy: The Three Musketeers and has been used ever since. It appears on Disney Animation releases from Chicken Little onward, and on Pixar releases from Cars 2 (in which the Disney FastPlay notice is absent in its packaging) onwards.

Editor's Note: This bumper is infamous for several reasons:

    1. Many people have criticized the hand-drawn animation and CGI for being outdated.
    2. Even though the announcer says that the movie will "begin automatically", "Fast" Play starts with a long series of trailers embedded on the DVD, averaging up to 8-12 minutes worth of trailers before the movie starts. A correction would be there being a "Previews" button and the FastPlay button leading to the movie automatically. This led to the bumper (and the enhancement as a whole) becoming rather infamous through the eyes of collectors to the point where it became a minor internet meme (which then led to people calling this bumper "SlowPlay" or "ScamPlay").
    3. Due to the logo's fast nature and technology issues, it was difficult to select either button before the bumper ended.
    4. The logo's abrupt appearance and nature have also been known to scare numerous children at the time.
  • Since the enhancement began to be phased out in 2020, it was falsely rumored that the bumper would retire in 2021 (due to it also being used on the DVD of Wish, released on March 12, 2024). As of now, only time will tell whether the enhancement will be completely phased out, especially with the announcement of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment ceasing to release titles in North America in favor of a deal with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.