Closing Logo Group


Nicknames: "Blinking Text" "Israeli Warning Screen on Drugs", "Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Crown", "Cinehollywood's Israeli Brother"

Logo: On a black background, we see a vortex of squares, which cuts to a flower pattern omitting weird shapes revealing several colours identical to a standby screen. Hebrew text wipes itself in before wiping away a few seconds later. Then, a ring of circles spins around the screen, growing and shrinking, as well as changing color. Hebrew text, with the words "CROWN VIDEO INTERNATIONAL" in the center wipes in. The circles stop changing size, and some of the text blinks, but they keep changing color and spinning. We then cut to several circles omitting weird patterns, waving and changing sizes.

FX/SFX: The circles spinning and the text, all scanimate effects.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of the AOR song "Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way" by John Farnham, which was covered by Kick Axe/Spectre General on The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack.

Availability: Check Israeli tapes from the time.

Editor's Note: This is well known in the logo community for being one of the weirdest logos of all time. It's also known for having blinking text in the warning screen.