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Background: Criterion Pictures Corp. Ltd. was a Canadian 16mm movie distributor founded back in 1966 by Jack F. Murphy and based in Montreal, Canada. It has no relation to The Criterion Collection.

(Early 1970's-1974?)[]

Criterion Pictures (1972)

Nicknames: "The Filmreels", "PBS & Genesis' Older Brother"

Logo: On a black background, two white filmreels from the left to the right roll to the center of the screen. The filmreels then continue to move, forming a purple rectangle, with a grouped celeste/pink outline. Inside the rectangle is the text:

distributed by

The filmreels than move away, leaving us the logo for a few seconds.

Variant: On a Canadian film print of Asylum, the rectangle is dark magenta and the outlines are blue, orange, and red.

FX/SFX: 2D animation of the filmreels.

Music/Sounds: A creepy warbling, ascending Moog synthesizer, which is not too dissimilar to the 1970s Public Broadcasting Service and Children's Television Workshop logos.

Availability: Near extinction. Possibly seen on a few films that this company had distributed, although their only known releases are of British films such as Man About the House and Asylum.